Many have suggested I write a book.  I experienced a resurgence of this over the summer.  My uncle, who answers my phone calls with “I’ll get your aunt,” actually called me one night: “I think you should write down everything that has happened to you in your life for your little girl, so she’ll understand.  I’ll get your aunt.”  Afterwards, I tried to figure out just exactly what he had meant.  Understand what?  Why I am the way I am, as if she’ll be needing counseling some day and me writing about things is the least I can do to help?

I get it though.  I know what he is implying.  My life seems to be littered with tragic happenings, but I have also experienced many amazing things that were clearly God intervening to help me through the trauma. 

Hey, I’m not talking about my fish dying or seeing a rainbow now and then.  In college, my creative writing mentor thought I had enough material at age 22 to write a memoir.  And at that time, I thought the story already had an ending.  But, God keeps handing me subject matter and so this blog is an attempt to start writing it all down.


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