Posted by: Erica | April 23, 2010

A Certain Bipartisan Agenda

Ansley’s preschool class has been studying about Washington, DC.  Next week, they are going to take a field trip to the National Mall.  This morning, I was talking with her, “Ansley, you’re going to see the monuments.”

“We’re going to the Washington Monument, the White House, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial,” she reported. 

I was impressed.  Wanting to find out how much she knew about them, I asked her, “What is the Lincoln Memorial?”

“He died, ”  she said, “Everybody in Washington dies.” 

“Oh, yeah,” I laughed, “Are we next?”

“No,” she explained, “Dying means your eyes close, and my eyes are not closed enough for that yet.” 

I still don’t know how much she has learned about history, but it seems she’s got the future pretty well figured out!



  1. Your little girl is too smart! I will have to tell my sister Sarah that you have a budding historian on your hands!

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