Posted by: Erica | February 22, 2010

And Just Like That, I’m Published!

Minutes after composing my last posting, I checked my email.  This is what I found there:

February 22, 2010
On behalf of Tim Schmoyer
Dear Erica,
My husband, Tim Schmoyer, is the author of the youth ministry blog, Life In Student Ministry, as you may know. In March of 2011, he will also be the author of a book with the same title, published by Youth Specialties/Zondervan.
He’s including a blog post in the book, a post that you commented on after it was published on his site. Tim thinks your comment adds a lot of value to the original post and would like to include it in the book. We just need your permission to do so.
Here’s a link to the post with your comment that will be published:
Will you please give Tim Schmoyer, the publisher, and its licensees and assigns permission to use your comment material in all editions and derivations of the book, Life In Student Ministry, throughout the world, in all languages and in the advertising, publicity, and promotion thereof? Proper credit will be attributed to you in the book. You may, if you wish, provide the credit line you prefer instead of how your name is currently displayed on the original blog post linked above.
Please reply to this email giving your explicit permission if you agree to have your comment published in the book. By granting us permission, you warrant that the material in your comment does not infringe upon the copyright or other rights of any third party. If you do not control the rights to your comment in its entirety, please provide me with the name and address of any other party from whom permission is required.
Please respond as soon as you are able. Thank you!
Dana Schmoyer, on behalf of Tim Schmoyer.

Isn’t God amazing?  Do me a favor and follow the link to read my comment, and especially his advice to me.  I particularly love the 2nd to last paragraph in his reply….how he suggests I become more vulnerable.  Of course this is advice I long ago forgot.  Now, I know that this isn’t a great, big deal….but it’s a start!  My words and name in writing in a published manuscript.  A beginning.  You wouldn’t have understood the miracle if you hadn’t have witnessed the disaster. 

My prayer is this:   if there is someone out there reading this blog who is still not convinced that God is real, let this be the evidence.



  1. Yes, I understand and it’s fine either way. The way the events played out in my life means more to me than the actual citation.


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