Posted by: Erica | October 21, 2009


The new job is going well.  I’m studying papers that describe liver function and failure and how dependent our human bodies are upon this organ.  It’s not easy to learn about this stuff.  As I read, I’m thinking about my mother’s final days.  I’m remembering her palid lips speak weak words, “They say it’s in the liver now.”  Translation:  it won’t be long. 

I read on, each sentence describing my mother’s death at a deeper level of detail than most anyone else will ever know.  “[the liver’s] glucose and urea synthesis are the primary means of removing excess amino acids and ammonia from the blood.”  I pause to imagine what pain would result from incapacitated organ–maybe something like injecting PineSol into her viens. 

I want to throw the paper across the room, but I don’t.  I read another paragraph and then stop to consider my self-inflicted torture.  And then I think of Christ on the cross and God’s self-inflicted torture done for us.  If my knowledge is a burden, then how much more a sacrifice was God’s gift to us!  HIs understanding of our human bodies infinite degrees beyond my own–an intimate wisdom which only the creator can possess. His experience of Christ’s death is unfathomable to us.  And Passion plays make us mourn.



  1. Are you going to teach after the stint as scientist? Will you be teaching English? You have always been so good with written words and with your love of reading, you would definitely make an excellent English teacher. : )
    You could always come back to CCHS and teach…back to the simplier life.
    Good luck in whatever direction you take.

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